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Team Israel is their way to the Olympics!
There are only 5 months left and we have a lot to do and a goal of $7 million. We need funding for training, nutritionists, flights to Tokyo, uniforms, equipment, coaches, accommodations and more. And we need to help raise money for baseball fields in Israel to grow the next generation of Israeli athletes.  All donations will be split equally between Team Israel and the building of a baseball field outside of Tel Aviv.


Be a part of history. See the Israeli flag raised on the largest international sports stage, The Summer Olympic Games! It will be a moment you will remember forever.


Special Recognition Opportunities:

Donations of all amounts are encouraged and welcomed. Additionally, here are some special recognition opportunities: 

Donate $2020 and receive a Team Israel jersey 
Donate $5,000 and receive a personalized Team Israel jersey 
Donate $10,000 to have your name listed as a benefactor on the Making of a Baseball Team video
Donate $100,000 – 50% helps send the team to the Olympics and the other half helps build a new baseball field right outside Tel Aviv.

Donate $250,000 – listing as a benefactor on the new baseball field being built outside of Tel Aviv

$3,000,000—Naming rights on a baseball field in Israel

$5,000,000 – Build the entire new baseball complex outside of Tel Aviv