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Ari’s Bar Mitzvah Fundraising Page - Adopt-a-Firefighter

Ari Paris

Ari Paris

I am excited to be raising funds with my friends and family for Jewish National Fund for my Mitzvah project.  
My Mitzvah Project is raising money for firefighters in Karmiel/Misgav and all over Israel. This past year, Israel faced unprecedented attacks, both from terror attacks and from environmental causes. Israel's courageous firefighters respond to emergencies day and night, and are first responders to many emergencies including bombings, rocket attacks, car accidents, forest fires, natural disasters, and more. They put their own lives on the line to save others. Last year alone, they responded to more than 80,000 calls. 
I chose to a program called "Adopt a Firefighter" to make sure that firefighters have the equipment they need to respond to emergencies. Many Israeli firefighters lack basic equipment and supplies, and municipal and forest fire truck fleets are aging and inadequate. As demand and population grow, security concerns have cut national budgets. As a result, many communities, particularly smaller ones close to hostile borders, cannot afford the new equipment they desperately need. I hope to raise enough money to buy full equipment for two firefighters ($3600).
It is important for me to raise money for this cause because my family has many close friends who live in this region who have faced many threats from terrorists and forest fires. I am inspired by the role that firefighters play in helping so many people despite the dangers they face, and because Israel is my homeland, and I want to do my part to protect it and help everyone living there. 
Jewish National Fund began as a dream in 1901 to reestablish a homeland in Israel for Jewish people everywhere. In the years since, JNF has made the dream a reality by greening the desert with millions of trees, building thousands of parks, creating new communities and cities for generations of Israelis to call home, bolstering Israel's water supply, helping develop innovative arid-agriculture techniques, and educating both young and old about the founding and importance of Israel and Zionism.
I'm raising funds to help ensure that the important work of JNF continues - and I hope I can count on your support.
Please help me reach my fundraising goal - make your tax-deductible donation today!
Thank you for your consideration, and for your support!

raised of $3,600 goal

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