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Support the Israeli communities of the Gaza Envelope

Ashley Emrani

Ashley Emrani

Please help me support my friends and colleagues living on the border of Gaza Envelope, year-round. The news may be following the escalation right now but JNF-USA has been supporting these pioneers living under semi-monthly rocket-fire since 2005. We are there ALWAYS.

There are currently 100+ bomb shelters in the Gaza Envelope. For $5,000 we can paint a bomb shelter in the Gaza Envelope to make them more kid-friendly and less distressing for all residents who have to walk by every day. Proceeds will support:
- PTSD Treatment for children and adults
- Building additional bomb shelters
- Fire-fighting & Emergency Equipment
- Resilience Community Centers

Any amount matters -- thank you for making a difference with your support.


raised of $5,000 goal

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