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My Alexander Muss High School in Israel (AMHSI-JNF) Fundraising Page

Michael Glassman

Michael Glassman

Students and friends, parents and fellow educators, this page does not need much explanation. You know what AMHSI gives to our students. You likely experienced it yourself. Nor do I need to explain much about what our school is going through right now. I'm sure you know. I will tell you that JNF is matching every dollar raised with a dollar of its own. When you give, you give double.

In these times, it is truly a challenge to look beyond one's own needs in the present to invest in the future, but this is a challenge entrusted to you. Join me, and we can continue to change the world together!

By the way, there's an option for making your own fund-raining page! If you do that, link me as a team member!


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