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I am writing to you from Jerusalem as the war against Hamas continues to rage - both on the domestic front and in international media and public opinion. Israel needs your help in getting out the truth.

60% of the world's population live in East, South and Southeast Asia. Today, the region contains 3 out of 10 of the world's largest economies. This will be 4 out of 5 by 2030. As a result, Asia is playing an increasingly critical role on the world stage - not just economically, but also politically.

However, in Indonesia (the world's largest Muslim-majority country, with no diplomatic ties with Israel), the media barely covered - if at all - Hamas' brutal attacks on Israeli civilians. The Indonesian media narrative since the start of the war has been "Israeli Genocide in Gaza".

In China (a country that has no history of anti-Semitism), the mainstream media and social media is suddenly rife with anti-Semitic rhetoric, and Israel was recently deleted from maps of the Middle East on mainstream social media channels.

Israel cannot afford to lose decades of gains and relationship-building with Asian publics and economies due to Hamas' propaganda. There is a dire and urgent need for public diplomacy efforts in Asia in general, and Indonesia in particular.

The Israel-Asia Center is the only Israeli organization fighting the PR war in Asia, and we are already deeply engaged in addressing this through our people-to-people efforts. Our efforts are built on relationships we have forged during our years of creating programs for Asian emerging and established leaders with their Israeli counterparts.

We are seeking support for the following initiatives over the coming months:

• ONLINE WEEKLY BRIEFINGS with Israeli experts for Asian media representatives, government officials, academics, policy advisors, business and civil society leaders in Indonesia, Singapore, India and China. [Nov 2023 for 6+ months]

• TRANSLATION & DISSEMINATION OF ARTICLES & VIDEOS INTO INDONESIAN that present Israeli perspectives on the conflict with Hamas - for Indonesian media, government officials, academics and policy advisors. [Nov 2023 for 6+ months]

• ONLINE ENGAGEMENTS to create meaningful conversations, questions, and support between emerging leaders from Israel and Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, India, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam). [Nov 2023 for 12+ months]

• 2024 ISRAEL-INDONESIA FUTURES PROGRAM - A 5-month online program engaging emerging and established leaders from Israel and Indonesia to promote understanding, generate meaningful dialogue, build bridges and practical P2P partnerships, and shape the future of Israel-Indonesia relations - in culture, education, business and tech. [January - May, 2024]

Your financial support would help us accomplish these goals.

In the words of one of our Indonesian alumni, the Israel-Asia Center's programs "blow the minds and change perspectives for Indonesians".

Thank you so much for your support.
Best regards,
Rebecca Zeffert.

Founder & Executive Director
Israel-Asia Center


THE ISRAEL-ASIA CENTER is an independent Israeli not-for-profit organization dedicated to building a more prosperous, secure and sustainable future by informing, empowering and connecting the Israel-Asia leaders of tomorrow.

We are the leading educational organization delivering:

- Leadership Programs – providing future leaders in Israel and Asia with the skills, knowledge and networks to become force-multipliers in strengthening Israel-Asia relations.

- Public education and thought-leadership – creating more Asia-informed leading Israeli decision-makers and opinion-shapers through programs and events that explore the future of Israel-Asia relations, key 21st century trends, developments and challenges, and how we can work together to co-innovate solutions.

Over the past 12 years, alumni of the Israel-Asia Center's leadership programs have hailed from 14 countries across Asia, and generated hundreds of millions of USD in investment from Asia in the Israeli economy, while playing key roles in strengthening Israel-Asia relations in business, tech, government & diplomacy, media, education and culture.

The Jewish National Fund in NY is the Israel-Asia Center's fiscal sponsor in the United States for US tax-deductible donations. All donations made through this page will be directed to the Israel-Asia Center.


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