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JNF-USA Austin Board of Directors

Chayla Furlong

Chayla Furlong

As Members of the Austin Jewish National Fund-USA Board of Directors, we humbly and urgently ask you to join us in supporting the critical and immediate needs of the people of Israel.

JNF-USA has been on the ground with the people of the Gaza Envelope and communities throughout the north & south of Israel for decades. We know these residents intimately, and are uniquely suited to meet their needs both during the current crisis and in the re-building days ahead. To date, JNF-USA has raised and already spent $10M to support immediate aid, and they need our help to keep supporting the people of Israel in their most dire moments.

If you want to donate to an apolitical, humanitarian organization that has been building up the land & people in the south and north of Israel for over 120 years, JNF-USA is YOUR voice in Israel. We were there to build these communities yesterday, we will aid them today, and we will be with them to re-build tomorrow.

When you donate to JNF-USA, you know exactly where your money goes: straight from you, to JNF, to Israelis. We're proud to share that our organization is offering daily briefings from the ground in Israel, where our beneficiaries are joining in to say THANK YOU and share how our funds are helping NOW. While JNF-USA always ensures that $0.80 or more of every dollar donated will make it to the people of Israel, we are currently sending on every. single. cent. in these critical moments.

The people & communities in the south that were devastated by the attacks are our mishpacha, our family, and have visited us here in Austin (and in communities around the US) for years. If you've ever sat in one of our programs and heard these passionate, committed Zionists speak at one of our events - and even if you haven't - we urge you to join us in providing our friends with vital support TODAY. We are supporting JNF-USA's $10 million Israel Resilience Campaign to fund these needs:

· Evacuating residents from the Gaza Envelope and northern border communities to safer places—the State covers the evacuation of everyone within 4 kilometers of the Gaza border but everyone within 7 kilometers must be evacuated.
· Providing evacuees with necessary supplies such as bedding, toiletries, clothing, etc.
· Providing firefighting and protective equipment for civil defense – the first responders to community emergencies -- including radios, bulletproof vests, helmets, and tactical clothing.
· Providing high-quality psychological treatment for civilians, including children, who have experienced this catastrophe firsthand.
· Providing respite activities for the children traumatized by terror.
· Going from home to home in the cities of Sderot, Ofakim, and Arad to help the elderly, the infirmed, and the needy with food and medicine.
· Rebuilding communities and housing devastated by the attacks, and keeping the spirits and hopes of the people who live there, strong.

THANK YOU for joining us in our efforts. Let's dig deep and give all that we can for our Israeli brothers and sisters. Am Yisrael Chai!


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