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JNF Bayonne Golf - Israel Resilience Campaign Fundraising Page

Central New Jersey

Central New Jersey

Dear Friends,

At some point in the last 15 years you have participated in the Jewish National Fund USA Bayonne Golf Invitational and, in doing so, have become part of our unique JNF/Bayonne family.

Just a few months ago we gathered around the bar at Bayonne, after another incredible round, celebrating the 15th year of golf that we enjoyed together. As we closed the evening Ira pointed over his shoulder, out the windows to the New York City skyline just a few miles away. He asked us to imagine that within NYC was a group of people who were dedicated to ensuring our destruction. And to imagine that during our round of golf, at any moment, they could fire rockets at us with the intent of inflicting as much harm as possible.

Ira explained that this was the reality for many Israeli communities, including Sderot and Sh’ar HaNegev, that were situated in close proximity to Gaza -as close as, if not closer, to lower Manhattan than we were. He explained that fear of rocket attacks was the reality of their daily lives and we asked for your support to build a bomb shelter in Sha’ar HaNegev, so that when those rockets came the residents has a place to hide in safety.

Little did we know, the true reality was so much worse than we ever could have imagined. Little did we know that Sderot would be completely ravaged and so many of its residents murdered simply for being Jewish. Little did we know that Ofir Libstein, the Mayor of Sha’ar HaNegev, would be killed by Hamas terrorists as he tried to defend his city on Saturday morning as the attacks began. Little did we know that just a few months after that amazing day we spent together, the world would change forever.

We no longer need to imagine; we now know the sad truth. The people of Israel need us now more than ever. Please join us in renewing the commitment we made at Bayonne Golf Club that day – to do what we can to protect our brothers and sisters who live in constant fear. That day at the outing we started to raise funds to build a bomb shelter. Please help us make that a reality…..

Ira Steinberg & Ari Wise


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