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Humanitarian campaign to help residents of Israel

Fred & Susie Toczek

Fred & Susie Toczek

We are pained to update our fundraising page with new numbers of those injured, killed, kidnapped and evacuated, but as you know the crisis facing Israel has continued to worsen.

We are all heartbroken and devastated by the events unfolding in Israel. The images of the greatest slaughter and assault of Jews and other innocents — many of them women, children and the elderly — since the Holocaust have been gut-wrenching.

Since Saturday, October 7th. there have been:

- 500,000+ Israelis displaced from their homes
- 6,700 Rockets fired from Gaza
- 1,400+ Murdered
- 3,800+ Injured
- 200+ Kidnapped by Hamas terrorists

Jewish National Fund-USA is raising urgently needed funds — 100% of the monies raised will go to this effort. Here’s where your donations are going:

• We have evacuated 15,545 people to date from the south and working on evacuating people from 28 communities in the north

• Working with 56,175 evacuees – children’s activities, providing clothing, food, essentials, funerals, shivas, brit milot, bar mitzvahs

• Helping care for over 60,000 people who could not evacuate from Sderot, Ofakim and other cities with babysitting, food, medication, and more

• Sending care packages and food to 46,700 soldiers and reservists in the north and south

• Providing psychological treatment for civilians, including children, who have experienced this catastrophe firsthand, and so much more


JNF-USA builds and beautifies bomb shelters to help at-risk Israelis with anxiety and PTSD.

Music Festival where Hamas murdered over 260 innocent civilians


raised of $100,000 goal

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