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HaShomer HaChadash JNF-USA

Lee Lebovich

Lee Lebovich

The People of Israel are not resting, and neither will we. We were there yesterday, we are there today, and we will be there tomorrow.

Jewish National Fund-USA has worked in close partnership for decades with all the communities on the Gaza border and is uniquely prepared to assist in meeting the emergency needs created by the current crisis and the real, long-term needs of tomorrow.


Hashomer Hachadash connects volunteers to the land of Israel through agriculture and the safeguarding of farmland and fields. We mobilize over 120,000 volunteers a year to help and protect Israeli citizens and spread the values of mutual responsibility and Love of the land.

The Challenges
1. 75% of Israeli agriculture comes from the Gaza Envelope.
2. Agriculture in the towns of the Gaza envelope has been decimated.
3. Thousands of farmers nationwide were called to reserve duty and had to abandon their farms.
4. Farmers and agriculture vendors were directly affected by the war, many were injured, some were killed.
5. 25k foreign workers, mainly from Thailand, work in Israeli agriculture fields. Many Thai workers were directly targeted by Hamas. The Thai government paid for the repatriation of their citizens, and thousands left.
6. By January we will enter the peak of the citrus harvesting season which lasts until May. Citrus is the second largest exported product from Israel after dates, with over 120,000 tons exported every year from Israel. Citrus cultivation is spread over 42,000 acres. Fruits that are not picked harm Israeli food security and directly affect the State’s economy.

HaShomer HaChadash stepped up to provide an extensive response to farmers nationwide, ensuring every vegetable and fruit picked reaches the Israeli market and no farmer is left alone. HaShomer has created a support system to allow every farmer who needs assistance, and every volunteer who can assist, the ability to get to the field with zero obstacles.

HaShomer is working to bring between 2,000-4,000 volunteers a day, which is 10% of the needed agriculture manpower a day to Israeli farms.

With JNF-USA's support, HaShomer is raising emergency funds for the activity of the next 2 months that will allow:

- Activation of HaShomer’s emergency situation room (24/7) to responding to all farmers
- Recruiting volunteers
- Transportation of volunteers to the field (buses and shuttles)
- Accommodation and food for volunteers
- Agricultural equipment and clothing

Join us. Help save the agriculture of Israel!

All donations will be designated and sent directly to HaShomer HaChadash, a JNF-USA affiliate. JNF-USA is a top-rated 501c3 and receives the highest ratings from Charity Navigator.

Checks & Donor Funds:
78 Randall Ave, Rockville Centre NY 11570
Note: Hashomer
Tax ID: 13-1659627


raised of $1,000,000 goal

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