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Psychological First Aid (PFA)

Rob Rubin

Rob Rubin

Please support this project to create a free mobile app to provide all the people of Israel with a way to help minimize the effects of acute stress response. The Action Model (“Modele Ma’aseh”) is not a post-incident therapeutic treatment- its a proven method to deal with acute stress response in the moment and shortly thereafter. This mobile-friendly tool is designed specifically for children and families as well as for first responders and other trained professionals.

The Action Model was developed by The International Center for Functional Resilience (ICFR), which has been approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health to provide PFA. ICFR already provides live training to first responders and other municipal employees, in the schools, and in many other sectors as well as the IDF. We now want to scale it up to make it available for free to the entire civilian population of Israel. And we need to scale it up NOW!

To learn more about The International Center for Functional Resilience
please visit: icfr.co.il


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