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The Robertson Family together with The Givol Family at JNF in support of the Israel Resilience Campaign

Robertson & Givol Family

Robertson & Givol Family

Together the Robertson and the Givol Families at Jewish National Fund are in support of the Israel Resilience Campaign.

Beginning on October 7, 2023 Israel was attacked by land, air, and sea by Hamas terrorists. The murder, kidnapping, and targeting of innocent civilians are the largest numbers we have seen since WWII. The numbers will unfortunately continue to rise. The people of Israel have borne witness to some of the darkest days and times in history. There are many dark days ahead and support is critical to ensure the safety of the people and land.

A little bit about our campaign:
Jewish National Fund-USA has worked in close partnership with the communities suffering most for decades, and is uniquely prepared to assist in meeting the emergency needs created by the current crisis.

JNF is hard at work finding ways to help ease the pain and trauma, through temporary housing for displaced residents, fire and rescue equipment, respite activities, psychological support, and more. In this time of great uncertainty, the needs are changing every moment, but one thing is certain: Jewish National Fund-USA is on the ground supporting the land and people of Israel every day, and they will not stop now.

Jewish National Fund-USA stands with Israel amid the most recent and unprecedented attacks against countless civilians.

The money contributed to this campaign will support:
-Evacuation from hardest hit communities on the border including transportation and emergency housing
-Provide hygiene, bedding, and care packages to those in need
-Provide firefighting and protective equipment to those on the front lines
-Offer psychological treatment
-Give the local communities the promise of rebuilding for tomorrow

We thank you for your contributions and prayers.
We thank you for standing with Israel and the people of Israel.

The Robertson Family and Givol Family


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