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My Israel Resilience Campaign Page - Support Arava Moshav Idan

Idit Sharoni

Idit Sharoni

Jewish National Fund is on the ground with communities in the south devastated by the attacks, ensuring immediate needs are met and future requirements are fulfilled.

We have worked closely with these southern communities for decades. We know them better than anyone else, and will be there when they start to rebuild their lives in the future. I am supporting JNF-USA's $10 million Israel Resilience Campaign to fund these needs:

·     Evacuating 15,000 residents from Gaza border communities to safer places—the State covers the evacuation of everyone within 4 kilometers of the Gaza border but everyone within 7 kilometers must be evacuated – the entire area has become a closed military zone. We have evacuated 2,200 people to the Eilot region, 1,500 people to Ramat Hanegev, 1,500 people to Central Arava, and more every day.

Over 1500 families have been evacuated to the Southernmost communities along the Jordanian border, the Arava.

Moshav Idan, a small but strong community in the Arava, is housing over 300 families, providing shelter and basic needs, but also long term needs until the families could return and rebuild. They are in need of immediate support to help cover the needs including food, therapy, medical and security supplies and equipment, as well as a fire fighting vehicle and equipment.

Help support our efforts in Moshav Idan. Your tax deductible donation will go directly to support these families who were uprooted from their homes and community and give them a sense of comfort and peace and for continued security needs in the Arava.

Your donation will help:

·     Provide evacuees with necessary supplies such as bedding, toiletries, clothing, etc.
·     Provide firefighting and protective equipment for civil defense – the first responders to community emergencies -- including radios, bulletproof vests, helmets, and tactical clothing.
·     Provide high-quality psychological treatment for civilians, including children, who have experienced this catastrophe firsthand.
·     Provide respite activities for the children traumatized by terror.

We stand together, as one Jewish community, ready to help Israelis in this difficult time. Am Yisrael Chai.


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