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SSTC Israel Emergency Resilience Campaign

Suburban Torah

Suburban Torah

Jewish National Fund-USA is on the ground with communities in the south devastated by the attacks, ensuring immediate needs are met and future requirements are fulfilled. We have worked closely with these southern communities for decades. We know them better than anyone else, and will be there when they start to rebuild their lives in the future. As a community we are supporting JNF-USA's Israel Resilience Campaign to fund these needs of the Shlomit Community:

- Providing families with immediate basic needs such as necessary linens, hygiene and medical supplies.
- Providing three prepared meals a day for families who cannot cook for themselves due to dorm like living situations.
- Providing high-quality and tailored psychological treatment for civilians, including children, who have experienced this catastrophe firsthand. This includes both traditional psychotherapy and resilience training for parents so they can support their children dealing with trauma.
- Providing respite activities for the children traumatized by terror including art, animal and play therapy.
- Finding and procuring scarce and vital security-related protective equipment to include radios, bulletproof vests, helmets, and tactical clothing for civil security forces.
- Providing firefighting and protective equipment to manage the ongoing rocket fire which is destroying homes, farms, infrastructure, and businesses.


A personal message from the Community of Shlomit:
We the people of Shlomit, a small town on the Gaza border, are feeling the collective pain of the Israeli people, as well as our own personal pain. We have lost numerous dear friends and we have had to flee our homes.

Now we need your help.
We need your assistance to help our dear community, the grieving families and those with physical and unapparent injuries.

We will continue to live on the borders of our country and remain strong.

From loss and destruction, we will rise and blossom again!

For anyone who from the SSTC Community who needs assitance with anything, including the below, kindly be in touch with Celine Leeds, Executive Director, JNF-USA Central NJ at cleeds@jnf.org/973.534.2291:
1. Already donated and want to "move" your gift to this SSTC Campaign.
2. Sending a gift from your Donor Advised Fund or if you prefer to pay by check.
3. If you prefer to make a pledge to be paid over time.
4. Anything else!


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