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Raising funds for our IDF Soldiers

Max Levin

Max Levin

This Campaign is for helping our IDF soldiers overcome any and every obstacle. Whether that be helping those who need food for Passover or getting Night Vision goggles to find Hamas Operatives at night. We are 100% here to support our troops as they defend Israel, democracy and the Jewish people from those who seek to destroy us.

We are specifically helping and working with many fellows and units across the IDF to accomplish our goals.

A few include:
Shay Bachar - Golani #13,
Sky Riders Association Amutah
Sayaret Tzanhanim, Palchan Tzanhanim, Orev Tzanhanim
Reserve Unit #55, #551
Sheldag, Matkal, 669

And Many more!

If you want your specific donation going to a specific unit, team, or person please just comment below and I'll make sure it goes to them. Just make sure I (Max Levin) have their contact information in order to help them.



raised of $1,250,000 goal

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