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Raising funds to get Equipment to our IDF Soldiers

Max Levin

Max Levin

Hello my name is Max Levin. I am a reserve soldier in the IDF in the paratrooper special forces unit within Tzevet (team) Paz.

This campaign is helping to fund the purchase of any and all equipment our IDF soldiers may need and assist with delivering it to them ASAP.

Some items may include but are not limited to: vests, navigation pouches, shoes, socks, camel backs, underwear, hot food, drinks, bags, etc.

JNF (Jewish National Fund), has been so generous to partner with us at TZEVET PAZ, an Israeli non-profit. to buy and deliver the needed equipment to IDF soldiers. Currently, we are working with multiple special forces and combat units in order to get all gear and donations direct to the soldiers on the front lines.

One Special Forces Unit we have been partnering with is the Sky Riders Association, a charitable organization in Israel connected with the Sky Riders IDF unit.

If you would like funds to go to a specific unit or Israeli organization please mention it in your donation or in the comments section. Thank you!

Please donate to help defend the people of Israel today!

How it works: JNF is partnering with Israeli charitable organizations such as: TZEVET PAZ, The Sky Riders organization and others whom are connected with different IDF units. The money will go from JNF to these organizations who will then pay down the invoices from different companies so the soldiers and those supporting them (their parents and volunteers) can go pick up their equipment.


If you want your specific donation going to a specific unit, team, or person please just comment below and I'll make sure it goes to them. Also feel free to leave an email and or number and I will have the soldiers send pictures back when they receive the equipment that you generously sponsored!

I know some people have asked why the army doesn't have equipment. The army does have equipment but for these reserve soldiers who have been called up the equipment left over is old and potentially from the 1970s among other issues on why some equipment is not where it needs to be. There is a dire need to get new equipment which can be purchased in Israel from private vendors and brought to soldiers and that is what we are doing.

Longer list of items that are needed: Vests, Helmets, Knee Pads, Pocket Knives, Socks, Athletic Underwear, Jackets, Thermal underwear, pills to clean contaminated water (needed when behind enemy lines), head flashlights that work with a helmet and much more. - Needs are updated daily according to the needs of the teams.


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