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Amy Abramson

Amy Abramson

The JNF-USA Westchester Mom's Circle is a tight-knit community of local women who learn and grow together. In these challenging times, we're so proud to be a part of JNF-USA, who has worked in close partnership for decades with all the communities on the Gaza border and is uniquely prepared to assist in meeting the emergency needs created by the current crisis and the real, long-term needs of tomorrow.

As a collective, we've decided to respond to recent events by embarking on a mission to beautify a bomb shelter. JNF-USA has been providing shelters to communities in the Gaza Envelope for years. Over the past few years, as part of their year-round work in the communities, JNF-USA collaborates with local Israeli artists to transform these shelters. They paint over the drab concrete with bright, colorful, whimsical designs, turning them into unique works of art. It's disheartening to think that some of the shelters beautified by JNF-USA were tragically targeted by Hamas during their attacks and we are committed to play a part in beatifying these communities.

Life in the Gaza Envelope is fraught with tension. Israelis there have just seconds to reach a bomb shelter when a missile siren blares. As a result, bomb shelters are needed every few steps - on highways, in parks, near playgrounds, community swimming pools, schools, and other gathering areas.

Our aim is to raise $10,000 to beautify a shelter in the Gaza Envelope. We want to provide a warm welcome for evacuees when they return to their communities. We plan to do this by painting a shelter with beautiful art murals, as a sign of hope for a brighter future. The funds we raise will 100% support JNF-USA's efforts on the ground to aid in healing, rebuilding, and mending the communities affected by the events of October 7th.

Our shelter will offer protection on the inside and a message of love on the outside. Join us in demonstrating to our friends and family in Israel that Jews worldwide stand with them, no matter where they are or what they need.


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