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Yatar: First Responders, Saving Lives



YATAR is a fully authorized unit of the Israeli Defense Force, composed of dedicated volunteers drawn from the elite ranks of the IDF, who have been hand picked for their expertise and have undergone extensive and specialized training to serve in our unit.

YATAR, founded in 2016 after a series of devastating attacks across Israel, serves as Israel's sole compact All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) unit, and is proud to stand at the front lines of defense against various threats to our beloved nation and its citizens. We serve as the initial responders to a diverse range of challenges, which include firefighting and providing crucial medical assistance.

Our mission is underpinned by the goal of swift and effective responses to threats, and our agile ATVs allow us to access off-road locations that might otherwise be unreachable. We work tirelessly and continuously around several critical regions.

In these challenging times, our ATVs have been adapted to serve as ambulances, further enhancing our life-saving capabilities. Not only that, they are transformed into mobile fire trucks, allowing us to combat and extinguish fires in the most challenging conditions. Our soldiers, under the commanding units of these diverse areas, dedicate themselves to ensuring the utmost defense, safety, and, above all, saving lives in Israel.

All donations to support this campaign are being matched dollar for dollar by an anonymous donor. Your contribution can make an immeasurable difference and thanks to our anonymous donor, your donation will have a double impact.

None of this would be possible without YOU, our supporters from across the globe who all play a role in saving lives during these difficult times. Your friendship is not only crucial, it is deeply appreciated, far more than you can imagine. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. We continue to fight for Israel and all who call her home.


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