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Frances Lobman

Frances Lobman

June 2024 update

During the war, JNF is continuing to:

• Provide for everyday needs, such as meals, toiletries and clothing for more than 100,000 evacuees.
• Provide both one-an-one and group trauma therapy to those who have experienced the loss of loved ones, family and friends taken hostage, and the fear caused by bombs and rocket fire
• Provide respite activities for children displaced from thjeir homes
• Support IDF soldiers with care packages, food, hot meals, warm clothing and other necessities.
• Support essential medical services to thousands of wounded soldiers.
• Support the Nefesh B’Nefesh fund for the families of lone soldiers.
• Check on the elderly, infirm and those who were unablet o evacuate.
• Help farmers whose crops would wither uncollected while local workers have been called to the reserve and foreign workers have fled to country to safety
• Supply firefighting and protective equipment to first responders and civil defense
• Support the Hostages and Missing Families Forum, a non-profit created by the families of those kidnapped on October 7

Jewish National Fund promises the people of Israel that we were there with them yesterday, is there with them today, and will be there for them tomorrow.

Our motto in the aftermath of this war is To Build Together – Livnot B’Yahad. Thanks to generous donors, Israel will emerge from this war better and stronger than before.


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