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Get Disabled Israeli Athletes to World Surfing Championship

Randy Crohn

Randy Crohn

Every dollar we raise will help these promising Israeli para-athletes who are overcoming their unique physical impairments to be able to compete in the ISA World Para Surfing Championship in California from December 4th- 11th, 2022.

Israel is home for the two-time World Champion and the current US Open Champion. Para Surfing is being considered as a Paralympic event for 2028.

The Israeli government does not subsidize these para-athletes, but you can. The team is ready and has trained extensively, but the economic and financial reality is a significant stumbling block that pushes this dream further away for many team members.

Please help support JNF's mission and allow these talented physically impaired athletes to achieve their dream of representing Israel and and competing on a world stage.

You can fully sponsor an para-athlete to compete for $5,000 but any contribution is greatly appreciated. Together, we can make a difference!

Current US Open Israeli Champion, Nachman Yariv Belulu

Israeli Para Surfer, Doron Zexer

Meet Israeli Para Surfer, Doron Zexer- Near Passover of 2019, Doron was hiking in the Negev Desert and assisting other hikers in passing through a precarious climb when he fell approximately 40 meters from a cliff, shattering his spine and causing hemorrhaging from massive head injuries. In searing pain, Doron forced himself to stay awake for 90 minutes until a rescue helicopter could fly him to the emergency room. The emergency transport team was sure that they were delivering a dead body. Doron’s head and spinal injuries required several surgeries, and remaining in the hospital for over eight months. He is now paralyzed from his chest down. Doron Zexer is married, a father of two, and a member of Kibbutz Hatzor near Ashdod, Israel.

Doron Returns Home After 8 Months in the Hospital

Doron must now travel each week for rehabilitation to maintain the parts of his body that he cannot feel nor control. He exudes gratitude for and often visits the medical team that managed his survival and rehabilitation for those many months in the hospital. Although unable to use any core muscles, Doron has trained hard and strengthened his arms and shoulders to become astoundingly independent. However, there are still great challenges and goals Doron is determined to achieve.

Israeli Para Surfing Team at 2021 World Championship

In 2021, Doron used his savings to pay for himself and the supporting team to compete in the World Championship event. Doron has always been a consistent activist in Israel for many social causes, such as helping many children needing life-saving surgery that their families could not afford. Until his injury, Doron was in the Israel army reserves and is greatly respected and admired for his unabashed generosity and courage.

Doron plans to take teens from an Israeli shelter to hike Mt. Kilamanjaro in a wheelchair.


Former World Adaptive Surfing Champion, Adi Klang


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