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Chimes Israel: Rehabilitative Daycare Center

Chimes Israel

Chimes Israel

Dear Friends:
Please join me in supporting the children of Israel who have disabilities by funding the establishment of a state-of the-art day care center in Ashkelon. As you may know, Ashkelon is just north of the Gaza strip and is under constant rocket fire. This new facility will be fortified so the children will be safe and do not have to flee to a shelter in times of emergency. I have made a very significant contribution and have committed to the Chimes Israel organization to raise the funds to make this life changing project a reality.

My family and I have committed $1 million to this important project, and we encourage you to join us and together we can make this dream a reality.

Can I count on you to join me?

Warmest wishes,

CHIMES Israel will recognize all gifts of $9,000 or more at the Rehabilitative Daycare Center.

If you would like to make your gift by credit card, click the blue donate button. To make a pledge and be billed for your gift, please contact me at martin.waldbaum@gmail.com or 520-490-8312 or Rick Krosnick, Chief Development Officer of Jewish National Fund at rkrosnick@jnf.org or 847-656-8880, ext. 201.

Checks can be mailed to:
Jewish National Fund
Attn: Rick Krosnick
60 Revere Drive, Suite 725
Northbrook, IL 60062

For wiring instructions please contact Rick Krosnick.

Please note: Jewish National Fund-USA is not affiliated with Chimes Israel, but is providing administrative support to me to conduct this campaign. 100% of your donation will go directly to the Chimes Israel Rehabilitative Daycare Center. You will receive an acknowledgment and tax receipt from Jewish National Fund.


raised of $2,000,000 goal

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