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Save Yerus project Preserve Ethiopian Culture in Israel !

Naftali Aklum

Naftali aklum

Please help me support the Jewish National Fund by making a contribution to my fundraiser for the "Yerus" project!! I am privileged to have been a friend of JNF-USA for many years and am excited to be a partner in our shared mission to help build the future of Israel.

Please share this page with your family and friends. Every dollar I raise will advance the goal of the Jewish National Fund supporting the Yerus Project, which works to integrate the heritage of Ethiopian Jewry as an integral part of the Israeli and Jewish story in the world. I started this initiative in 2018, with the purpose to expose the culture and history of Ethiopian Jews to the general public, to change the image of the community, promote equality of opportunity and fight the phenomena of discrimination and racism.

I am the founder and manager of the Yerus project, with an extensive background as an educator, social entrepreneur, and social program leader. In addition, you can ask me how you can also get involved the more the better!

Together, we can make a difference!

Learn more about this at jewsofethiopia.com


A tour of the first synagogue of Ethiopian Jews in Israel, located in Be'er Sheva

Lectue to Young American Jews

Lecture to student from China about Ethiopian Jews


My story !




raised of $25,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. KSKaren Z Schulte
I am very interested in the work you are doing to preserve the culture of the Ethiopian Jews in Israel.
2. AKArlene And Bob Kagan
Great Presentation to SRJC
3. SPSusan Pavane
Naftali, thank you for your wonderful program tonight. Wishing you all the best. Susan
4. VLVivian & Mark Leber
5. SSStuart And Pepi Stein
we thank Naftali for teaching the members of the Shelter Rock Jewish Center this vital part of world Jewish history and of the heroes from Ethopia we did not know about
6. CSCharlie S
I hope you get to that goal and beyond!