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In Memory of Erik Rose

Created by Lisa Altman

Lisa Altman

Erik will always be remembered for the happiness and laughter he brought to the world. He believed each person was good and could be successful in the world if given the right chance. Help us continue his legacy of adventure and impact by supporting the Erik Glen Rose Second Chances Scholarship Fund through Jewish National Fund. This scholarship will send kids fully funded through the Green Horizons outdoor leadership program in Israel each year. Green Horizons is a partner of Jewish National Fund and an educational youth organization in Israel dedicated to showing kids from all over the country to love the land, the environment, and the people of their homeland. Through activities, treks, and camps, these kids develop leadership skills, self-confidence, responsibility, and independence. This Fund specifically brings in two children from the periphery of the country or from a high risk neighborhood who would otherwise be left out of this transformational experience. Every graduate of this program has thus far gone on to be successful leaders in the IDF, university and/or their careers. Erik believed every person deserved an opportunity to grow and learn no matter their background, a second chance at life without restriction. So we ask you to join us in remembering Erik by supporting this Fund and the chances it offers youth in need in Israel.

Please help me support Jewish National Fund by making a contribution to my fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar I raise will help the memory of my loved one live on and help to support the land and people of Israel. The donations and Tzedakah I raise for my loved one are so meaningful to me.

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