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Celebrating a loved one’s legacy through tzedakah (charity) is meaningful way to honor their memory. Creating a memorial fund through Jewish National Fund-USA pays tribute to your loved one’s support of the land and people of Israel, reflecting their values and their support of Jewish people everywhere.

When is it appropriate to create a memorial tribute?
Creating a memorial fund and making a donation in honor of someone is appropriate at any time of year, including upon their death, after a funeral or shiva, upon an unveiling, on a yartzheit (anniversary of death), on the deceased’s birthday, or any other meaningful time of year.

Is it appropriate to ask others for money in honor of a deceased relative or friend?
Yes, it is customary in Jewish tradition for the family of the deceased to suggest donations to a charity or organization in lieu of flowers or other tributes. Donations to charity are a meaningful way for friends and family to show they care.

How can I make an impactful memorial fundraising page?
  • Tell your loved one’s story by sharing what he or she meant to you and to those around them
  • Explain your relationship to the deceased
  • Include photos, videos, and special memories or anecdotes
  • Explain why you are fundraising for Jewish National Fund-USA and the land and people of Israel and why this effort is a meaningful legacy for your loved one.

How do I ask for donations of my friends and family?
  • There are many ways to ask for donations in memory of a loved one.
  • Include a link to your fundraising page in death announcements
  • Share a link to your fundraising page, along with a meaningful message, on social media. It’s easy to do this with the share links on the site, or by copying and pasting the link
  • Send emails to friends and family, either through the email platform on the site, or by sending the link through your own email account
  • Send text messages to friends and family, either through the share links on the mobile version of the site, or by copying and pasting the link
  • Keep your donors informed! Send updates through email, social media, and phone calls to let them know how their donation has made an impact and helped you reach your goal
  • Thank your donors. Make sure they realize how meaningful their support is through your time of mourning, and how important it is in honoring your loved one’s legacy.

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