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In Memory of Terry Polaner

Created by Ruth Miller

Ruth Miller

July 1,2024

It now marks a year since my mom has past away. This past spring Howie and I, while on a JNF volunteer mission in Israel, were fortunate enough to visit ADI Negev, Nahalat Erin. Last year we asked donations in her memory be directed to this very special community. Lucky for us, we were able to see first hand the impressive work firsthand during our tour. So many things impressed us. We toured classrooms where children received individual programs specifically catered to their needs. The motor sensory gardens and playgrounds were designed with great care as well as a horse therapy area that goes way beyond simply riding. As students age out of school they are given the opportunity to work, live and receive a salary at ADI Negev. All the landscaping and farm work is done by these special individuals. Additionally there is a large rehabilitation facility that is not only helping residents but is now caring for the many soldiers and civilians who are in need of rehabilitation. I was personally moved with the integrated kindergarten program. Here children from the surrounding community share playground space with the ADI Negev children. My mom would have loved this. Initially community families were hesitant but soon learned the benefit of this integrated approach to their own families. Currently there is a waitlist. AdI Negev is expanding. Besides building homes that will all be handicapped acessible, they are building a new Children's Center Complex that will have 8 Kindergarten classrooms, 5 playgrounds, a Special Educations classroom and Physiotherapy room, and treatment room. We have decided to pledge one of these kindergarten rooms. A plaque with the inscription "in memory of Terry Polaner" will be outside one classroom. We know that there is nothing my mom would have wanted more than a kindergarten classroom in Israel.

If you are interested in helping ADI Negev in other ways please make a donation. We will ensure these additional donations will be used in a way that will honor my mom in a way that will honor her legacy.

June 16, 2023

Please help us support Jewish National Fund by making a contribution in memory of our mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, Terry Polaner.

All funds will be designated to ADI Negev, Nahalat Eran, a 25-acre, state-of-the-art rehabilitative village in Israel’s Negev Desert that offers unparalleled care for people with severe disabilities, empowering residents and outpatients to reach their potential for communication and development while providing thousands of jobs to area residents.

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