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In Memory of Dorothy Young

Created by JR Young

JR Young

In the wake of the unprecedented, unprovoked, and horrific attacks by Hamas from Gaza on civilian communities in Israel, we are all devastated by the loss of life, and are praying for the families of the victims, the IDF soldiers who are bravely working to defend our homeland, our friends and family, and everyone impacted by this situation.

We were there yesterday, we are there today, and we will be there tomorrow. Jewish National Fund-USA has worked in close partnership for decades with all the communities on the Gaza border and is uniquely prepared to assist in meeting the emergency needs created by the current crisis and the real, long-term needs of tomorrow.

We are easing their pain and trauma through temporary housing, fire and rescue and civil defense equipment, respite activities, psychological support, and more. Our Israel emergency operations center is coordinating our activities on the ground to respond rapidly to ever changing needs.

Our Israel Resilience campaign is:

• Evacuating 14,000 residents from Gaza border communities to safer places—the State covers the evacuation of everyone within 4 kilometers of the Gaza border but everyone within 7 kilometers must be evacuated – the entire area has become a closed military zone. We have evacuated 2,200 people to the Eilot region, 1,500 people to Ramat Hanegev, 1,500 people to Central Arava, and more every day.

• Providing evacuees with necessary supplies such as bedding, toiletries, clothing, etc.

• Providing firefighting and protective equipment for civil defense – the first responders to community emergencies -- including radios, bulletproof vests, helmets, and tactical clothing.

• Providing high-quality psychological treatment for civilians, including children, who have experienced this catastrophe firsthand.

• Providing respite activities for the children traumatized by terror.

• Going from home to home in the cities of Sderot, Ofakim, and Arad to help the elderly, the infirmed, and the needy with food and medicine.

• Promising to rebuild communities devastated by the attacks and keep the spirits and hopes of the people who live there, strong.

• Caring for the children whose parents are on the Ovda Airforce Base in the Negev so the parents can continue their vital work protecting our homeland.

• Supporting families that have been evacuated from 28 communities in the north near the Lebanese border.

This attack has decimated many communities, but they will never destroy our spirit. We stand together, as one Jewish community, ready to help Israelis in this difficult time.

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