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In Memory of Yossi Katz

Created by Louis Reinstein

Yossi Katz

As former students at AMHSI, we had the privilege of being taught by Yossi. Yossi was more than just an educator, he was a mentor, role model, and a true inspiration to all who were lucky enough to know him. Yossi brought an unparalleled passion for Israel education, and a deep commitment to fostering a love for learning, Israel, and Judaism in every student he encountered. His dedication went beyond the classroom, as Yossi was always willing to go the extra mile to ensure we not only understood the subject matter, but also developed our own identity.

In honor of Yossi Katz’s memory and the impact he had on our lives, we are launching a special campaign to establish the Yossi Katz Memorial Scholarship Fund, dedicated to providing future students with the opportunity to experience the life-changing education and transformative experiences at the Alexander Muss High School in Israel. We believe that this scholarship will be a living testament to Yossi’s passion for teaching, and it will allow his legacy to live on and to continue impacting the lives of Jewish teenagers for generations to come.

We ask you to consider contributing to the Yossi Katz Memorial Scholarship Fund. Your generous donation will make a significant difference in supporting the next generation of students at AMHSI, enabling them to discover the same love for Israel and learning that Yossi instilled in all of us.

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