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In Memory of Zachary Nelson

Created by Those Who Love Him

Zachary Nelson

This memorial is for our beloved Zachary. He was taken from us too early but made more of an impact in this world and for the betterment of all Jews in his life, than many make over multiple lifetimes.

This memorial is one that will carry on from generation to generation, L’Dor V’Dor.
This memorial is here so that our children’s children can see how one man can make such a difference in the world and leave such an impact to those who know and love him.

Those who knew Zach can only describe him as a Mensch and a true Tzadik who carried a love and a kindness that was unmatched. A life of leadership and of activism, a life of passion and love.
A truly full life.

Hineni is the Hebrew phrase comprised of two words: ‘hineh’ and ‘ani’, meaning “here” and “I”.
Zachary magically pushed himself beyond the past and can constantly be found in the now as Hineni.
Hineni is an offer of complete availability, of total readiness to serve. When we utter ‘Hineni’, we make ourselves fully available to whatever it is G-d might ask of us.
Zachary was the man who always answered the call of Hineni.
I am here to serve!

You can continue to help Zach’s dream’s come true.
You can continue to make an impact by donating in his name.
You can make Zach’s hineni moment one that never ends.

This Memorial is not typical. We have worked directly with the Jewish National Fund to build a layered memorial for Zachary who was a huge activist and supporter of Israel and we want to put something together that everyone can be a part of and is truly fitting of Zachary.

This is a tiered memorial.
As we reach each goal the JNF has agreed to honor Zachary in multiple ways.

As we reach the first level of Zachary will be inscribed into The Wall of Eternal Life. In the heart of Be'er Sheva at the Lew Schepps Recognition Center stands the Wall of Eternal Life. People from around the world memorialize their loved ones there with a tile containing a permanent inscription etched on the Wall of Eternal Life

We would then like to get Zachary inscribed in the Golden Book with a wooden plaque that will be presented to his parents Tom and Linda Nelson.
The Golden Book is the most unique of the KKL-JNF Books of Honor and is, in effect, a genealogical tree of the Jewish people. Among its pages are inscriptions recording special events in people’s lives over the past one hundred years of Jewish history. Each volume of the Golden Book describes a different period in the life of the Jewish People and the contribution of KKL-JNF, acting through and on behalf of the people, for the preservation, care and development of the land. An entry in the Golden Book is a mark of esteem and gratitude to the donors who with their contribution, enable a variety of projects to be carried out.

Finally we would then like to plant a grove of 100 trees in Israel in Zachary’s name.

We have no doubt that we can attain these goals and go even further. For us all to come back year after year and with something that starts with one tree and soon into a grove and G-d will one day a flourishing forest in Israel.

Please help us support Zachary’s memory and the Jewish National Fund by making a contribution to our fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar we raise will help the memory of Zachary to live on and help to support the land and people of Israel. The donations and Tzedakah we raise for my loved one are so meaningful to me.

These donations and Tzedakah we raise together is something that will mean a great deal to all of us and to Zachary. 

Please feel free to also leave a message on Zachary’s Memorial page.

Please take a moment to read a bit of Zachary’s story in the article below by The J - Jewish News of Northern California.

May his memory be a blessing to us all, now and always.

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