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JNF-USA Ukraine Emergency Campaign

JNF-USA Greater Los Angeles

JNF-USA Greater Los Angeles

As the situation in Ukraine unfolds, refugees are fleeing Ukraine to escape the airstrikes and shellings. In Israel, we have a huge Russian/Ukrainian population – including over 470 lone soldiers from the Ukraine – worrying about the fate of their loved ones.

JNF-USA is championing a multi-pronged effort to help, beginning with arranging buses to transport families of Lone Soldiers across the border to safety. These buses are supplied with food and essentials during transit and lodging accommodations at each of the stops along the way. We are working behind-the-scenes to expedite the process for them to enter Israel, and then doing everything to maximize their success once they are there.

Help fund one bus with a $30,000 gift today. HELP US SAVE DOZENS OF LIVES RIGHT NOW.

We proudly share below, with YOUR SUPPORT, what our affiliates are doing to support Ukrainian relief campaign once we have secured their safety in Israel.


If you have a specific affiliate below that you would like to designate your gift to, please email Neuriel Shore, Director of Greater Los Angeles, at NShore@jnf.org. Am Yisrael Chai!

• Recruiting Ukrainian and Russian-speaking volunteers who are locating and providing proper shelter for all in need.
• Distributing food, baby formula, sweets and snacks, blankets, and diapers, as well as toys.
• Providing Ukrainian and Russian-speaking psychologists for anyone who needs mental health assistance, especially children.
• Preparing for the absorption of immigrants and refugees in all MAKOM communities in Israel while recruiting local volunteers.

• Using Jerusalem Campus as a collection site for hygiene products, clothes, toys, and additional supplies for the incoming Olim (immigrants).
• Organizing shipments to deliver these products to the distribution centers.
• Offering Nefesh B ’Nefesh’s Tel Aviv Hub to groups who have created “command centers” to manage their vital operations and help sponsor activities.
• Leveraging network of Tech companies to help Ukrainians find gainful employment.

• Preparing for an increase in absorption and employment for hundreds of immigrants expected to arrive from Russia, Ukraine, and other countries.
• Putting together special employment programs.
• Preparing relevant materials for marketing, joint fundraising efforts, and a collective reaching out to all employers in the region.
• Integrating the new arrivals and assisting with giving them tools, knowledge, and resources through training and finding jobs.

• Recruiting Russian-speaking counselors to welcome children arriving in Israel.
• Will be leading activities to help alleviate the children's struggles and to provide a safe and happy environment for them.

Ukrainians arriving in Israel!

Food distribution

Needs assessment at Romanian border


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