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Noa Ozer

Noa Ozer

My name is Noa Ozer, a 16 year old, who lives in Scottsdale Arizona. In the past year, I was introduced to the great educational program opportunity of Alexander Muss. By now, I am convinced it is going to be a life time significant experience for me!
This meaningful journey is a perfect fit for me because it enables a new, educated point of view on life in Israel. It is learning about my country, in a way I don’t think could be ever fulfilled within my daily life here in the United State nor in any other platform. I feel I have so much to capture as I left Israel when I was 9 years old.
I am so excited also for the opportunity to meet life-long friends who will understand my journey experience, It is the first time for me being far from home for such a long time, and to grow personally, independently while developing end exploring my identity as an Israeli American, who ultimately grew up in America.
I am more than thrilled for those four great months to officially begin, and can not wait for this semester to finally start. After realizing that this is the program for me, I decided to apply for the Impact Fellowship and was ecstatic and grateful to learn I was selected.
My first task for the fellowship program is to raise 2,000 dollars. The donated money will go to JNF (קק״ל), the known, non-profit organization giving all Jews around the world a voice in building a future for Israel and its people. The JNF tries to improve the lives of residents and showcases their improvements to the world. So by donating you will be helping JNF and me to start this amazing journey. Donations are not expected to be necessarily big, everything counts and I think I will be very proud to see a long list of donators than big amount donations. Thank you so much in advance for supporting me, it is very highly appreciated.


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