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Leah Lieberman

Leah Lieberman

Hey, I’m fundraising money to finalize my acceptance to a half year school program in Israel. Half goes to the school and the other half of the the profits goes to JNF an organization that helps Israel in numerous ways like growing trees establishing friends in other countries and restoring historical destinations. I would really appreciate it if you can spread the word and donate a little.

Since 1901, we plant trees, build houses and parks, source water solutions, buy fire trucks, and improve the lives of people with special needs. We boost tourism, support Aliyah, promote Zionist education and engagement, build medical centers and trauma centers, fund agricultural and culinary research, and run an American semester abroad high school in Israel.


I made a goal to try my best to fundraise $2,200 for a goal. Could you help me help others?

WELCOME! Help further a change in Israel. Every donation counts. Thank you for taking a moment to read this.


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