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Isaac Parmenter

Isaac Parmenter

Why is Sderot Indoor Playground important

For nearly a decade, residents of Israel’s western Negev have endured continual rocket attacks from the bordering Gaza Strip. Hardest hit is the town of Sderot—located less than one mile from Gaza—whose children have grown up with the psychological trauma that comes with living under the threat of attack. Because they must always be within 15 seconds of a bomb shelter, an afternoon at the park turns into a potentially dangerous activity, forcing children to spend most of their time indoors. And even during periods of relative quiet, when reports of rocket attacks don’t make the headlines, they continue to occur.

Playing Without Fear
To make a lasting difference in this community, Jewish National Fund built a 21,000-square-foot secure indoor playground and community center, Israel’s largest such facility, as a gift to Sderot’s families. Since its grand opening in March 2009, the Sderot Indoor Recreation Center has brought a welcome sense of normalcy to the region, providing young people with a fun place to simply be kids and parents with the peace of mind that their children are playing in a safe environment.

The center is visited daily by hundreds of children of all ages, the center’s attractions include a soccer field and volleyball court, movie theater, disco, rock climbing wall, snack area, computer center, and jungle gym. The playground is essential for the safety and development of the younger generations.


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