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My Sderot Fundraising Page

Jennifer Dekel

Jennifer Dekel

The city of Sderot, located adjacent to the Gaza Strip on the northeast, is currently home to 30,000 residents and has been steadily growing over the past few years. The city has been dealing with threats of rocket fire and terror for close to 20 years! The children of Sderot were born into and raised with the reality of Code Red sirens, and are accustomed to running for cover into the bomb shelters within 15 seconds.

Due to the security situation, and in order to strengthen the children and residents of the city, I am helping JNF to raise the resources necessary to build a large, regional Resilience Complex that will include a center for PTSD treatments for individuals, a therapy center for families, and a research and conference center that will host lectures on trauma and dealing with ongoing crisis situations.

Please join me in helping the people of Sderot with your gift today!


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