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Special in Uniform Chicago

Martin & Maggie Craig

Martin & Maggie Craig

Maggie and I went to Israel with JNF a few years ago and had the good fortune of attending an induction of soldiers with special abilities into the IDF. Since then, we have enjoyed fundraising to help increase the number of Special In Uniform soldiers who can participate in the IDF. In America, when you meet someone, you say, "where are you from.” In Israel, when you meet someone, you say “what unit did you serve in?” Service in the IDF is part of the Israeli culture which strives to be an all-inclusive society. Special in Uniform is proof of just that. This program allows those that only had dreams of serving in the IDF to actually do so. We hope you can join us in supporting Special in Uniform (Chicago) by making a contribution which will change the lives of the Special In Uniform soldiers, their families, the units in which they serve and Israel.

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