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My Jewish National Fund's Spectacular Sunday Fundraising Page

Sharon Joy

Sharon Joy

Can you believe in all my years I have never had my own fundraisers page! I would be so grateful if you would make a contribution. Every dollar I raise will make Spectacular Sunday the greatest day in Jewish National Fund's fundraising history! Our efforts will focus on rebuilding the Israeli economy and getting back to our signature programs that ignite Israeli innovation and industry, move population to Israel’s north and south by creating quality of life opportunities, ensure that no citizen is left behind, and connect the next generation to Israel through advocacy and education. Let's do this! Toda Raba to each & every one of you.


raised of $2,500 goal

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1. KHKatie Schoneck Holloway
2. SDSharon Davidovich
thank you for all the works you are doing for the state of Israel. Please allocate this donation for Green Horizon project
3. ?Anonymous
5. RGRuth Gold
6. APAmy Parsons
My donation is in Sharon’s honor for all the work she does for Israel. (Green Horizons)
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