Ammunition Hill

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Ammunition Hill National Heritage & Memorial site is a one-of-a kind memorial and a proud statement of Israel’s core values.
The site harnesses the epic victory of the Six-Day War in 1967 and the historical reunification of Jerusalem in the most creative, powerful methods.

Ammunition Hill today, thanks to a joint vision supported by JNF-USA, found the widest common denominator of our nation and enables our visitors from Israel, and from all over the world, a firsthand experience to understand and bond with the historical importance and emotional depth of the site. 
The site includes the original intact battlefield maze of trenches & bunkers as well as state-of-the-art modern facilities such as:

-      3D display

-       Multimedia Museum
-       One-a-kind Commemoration Hall,
-       Unique Jewish combatants Wall of Honor,
-       Original Armed vehicles,
-       Exclusive "JerusaLENS" Photo Exhibition
-       Daily team of actual veteran liberators of Jerusalem.
All this creates a multilayered, unforgettable experience.
Ammunition Hill, now more than ever, is a national asset that preserves the memory of our ongoing struggle of freedom.


On a shaded path, hidden deep in the heart of Jerusalme, lies the Pathway of Values. Stretching from the new auditorium, along the northern slopes of Ammunition Hill, the tree-lined path is dedicated to the Liberators of Jerusalem - the ones who still live today and the ones who are no longer with us. A symbolic journey down a path dedicated to the heroes of our history, each tree is dedicated to one veteran. One Liberator. One man who fought of values he believed in, whose deeds are still told and remembered over five decades later. Values and deeds that we can all relate to. Assocate your dedication to a loved one and become part of something bigger than us all.

Honor someone you love with a plaque on the Wall of Honor – a tribute to the heroism and courage of soldiers who, throughout our history, served protecting the lives of others while risking their own. Plaques include the soldier’s name and country, branch, rank, and dates of service.

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Andra & Craig Goldman$180

Thank you for the amazing tour this past August when my brother and his family enjoyed their first trip to Israel. It was special for them to finally see the plaque in honor of our father.


In honor of Phil Narrow and his service to our country

Stephen Canges$108

In Memory of Ami Wald, hero and warrior, fighting and defending for Israel's existence. May his sacrifice be remembered by all.

Jewish War Veterans of the USA Post #344 - Denver, Colorado$300

In memory of your father, Ami Wald, and his sacrifice to his country and his family. May his memory be a blessing.

Paul K Driessen$50
Leslie Alger$3,000
Cherie Karo Schwartz$180
Matthew Leebove$25
Celine Leeds$100
Nina Paul$180

May your father’s memory be for a blessing Jacob!

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