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Help us translate the 110 documentaries created by the families to commemorate the soldiers who fought and fell in the Battle for Jerusalem during the Six-Day War. On the touch screens installed throughout the Hall, visitors are able to stand and watch as the history of these soldiers, of Israel, unfolds around them in a completely unique and magnificent way. It's time that our Commemoration Hall served its purpose in full, on an international scale; remembering not only the ninety seconds of death and destruction, but the countless years of life that came before.


This project matches up High School students from all across Israel (prioritizing the remote sections of the country such as the Galilee, Arava, Negev, Gaza Envelope, etc.), with veterans of the Battle for Jerusalem in the Six-Day War who live among them. These students will listen to their stories, hear their memories, and
see their personal photos. Become living flames to carry on the first-hand accounts of such a pivotal point in Israel's history. Join them on visits to meaningful anchor points in their lives (childhood hometown, school, battlefield, etc.), and at the end of the year will create a creative closing project (ceremony, short film, essay, etc.) for their adopted Liberator that will become a token of thanks to the donor who became the bridge between two generations.


Become part of our vision:
On a shaded path, hidden deep in the heart of Jerusalem, lies the Pathway of Values. Stretching from the new auditorium, along the northern slopes of Ammunition Hill, the tree-lined path is dedicated to the Liberators of Jerusalem. The ones who still live today and the ones who are no longer with us. A symbolic journey down a path dedicated to the heroes of our history, each tree is dedicated to one veteran. One Liberator. One man who fought for values he believed in, whose deeds are still told and remembered over five decades later. Values and deeds that we can all relate to. Associate your dedication to a loved one and become part of something bigger than us all.


Honor someone you love with a plaque on Ammunition Hill's Wall of Honor for Jewish combatants from around the world. With 500 plaques, the Wall of Honor is an ever-evolving tribute to the heroism and courage of soldiers, who throughout history, have served and protected the lives of others at a risk to their own. The plaques include the soldier’s name and country, branch, rank, and dates of service. The Wall of Honor brings together men and women from every walk of life, over and over again, with every visitor and each
unveiling, to teach us about ourselves. To show us that we shouldn't wait for tragedy to strike, but that we should step forward and be the best versions of ourselves today, in this moment, because tomorrow remains unprecedented. Please use this form for plaque dedication so we can get the necessary information.