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B'nai Shalom Fundraiser for Arad Music Conservatory

Rabbi Tobin

Rabbi Tobin

The desert community of Arad is special to the land of Israel, and very special to B'nai Shalom of West Orange, New Jersey. It is the third-largest city in Israel (in terms of Jurisdiction) and has immense development potential. In this region, once children grow up, they typically migrate to the center of the country where there are increased economic and social opportunities.

In order to keep people in their hometowns, they need quality arts and culture opportunities for their families.

We're calling on our B'nai Shalom community to join us in supporting this initiative by supporting the Jewish National Fund-USA Institute of Musical Excellence.

The newly renovated Jewish National Fund-USA Institute of Musical Excellence provides over 400 youth in Arad with quality music education. Musical education not only exposes children to instruments and provides an opportunity for music appreciation and enrichment, but also enhances the values of listening, mutual respect, determination,
diligence, and discipline. Students at the Conservatory receive private music instruction as well as an education in music theory. Additionally, the Conservatory provides an array of music programming for schools in Arad and hosts concerts for the over 30,000 residents, bringing classical music and culture to the region.

The building offers additional study spaces and ensemble rooms in addition to the current a 100-seat concert hall, 6 classrooms for private lessons, and additional spaces for ensembles, theory studies, and offices.

Our goal ensures that the city of Arad is able to continue the imperative development of the region, as well as have the funds available to provide children with scholarships for this renowned music conservatory.

Now more than ever, your donations are essential to preserving the vibrancy of our community and connect the next generation to their heritage and to Israel. Help us keep our dream of building this beautiful community in the State of Israel alive, together!


raised of $25,000 goal

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