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All together Revitalizing a Dream!

The desert community of Arad is special to the land of Israel. It is the third-largest city in Israel (in terms of Jurisdiction) and has immense development potential. In this region, once children grow up, they typically migrate to the center of the country where there are increased economic and social opportunities.

In order to keep people in their hometowns, they need to see the beauty in their own backyard. However, development doesn't stem solely from appreciating and discovering local treasures. 

We're calling on friends and family to support us in a $1 Million Dollar Emergency Campaign to ensure the longevity of this beautiful community.

Our goal ensures that the city of Arad stays fiscally healthy, is able to continue the imperative development of the region, as well as have the funds available to provide immigrant families in need with financial aid, so that we may continue to build the great state of Israel, together.

Now more than ever, your donations are essential to preserving the vibrancy of our community and connect the next generation to their heritage and to Israel. Help us keep our dream of building this beautiful community alive.

Funding Opportunities
$1800 Arad Central Park Activities
Help fund recreational areas and activities in the Arad Central Park including playground equipment, green spaces, sports equipment, yoga and meditation classes.
$2500 Desert Edge Promenade
Help fund the development of the Desert Edge promenade including a state of the art performing arts center, handicap accessible paths, playground equipment, hiking and biking trails, picnic and rest areas, and professional tours.
$3600 Arad Higher Education Center Scholarships
Support the scholarship fund for Arad’s higher education program focusing on computer science and cyber technology, and guarantees employment in Arad.

$5000 Arad Music Conservatory Scholarships
Provides music scholarships for one year.

raised of $1,000,000 goal

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Recent Donations

Ken Levitt$36
Mark Weinberg$1,000

Mark & Donna are pleased to support this worthwhile initiative.

Adam Ginsberg$300

Adam Ginsberg - ER Matching Contributions

Rabbi Tobin$180
Marlene & Brian Lynn$360

For our friends & "family" in Arad. With love, Marlene & Brian Lynn

Cheryl and Andrew Kimler$250
Anonymous Anonymous$4,219

Thanks so much for everything Rabbi Tobin and B'nai Shalom does for our community

Seth Perlstein$180

I'm so happy that I can help out with this amazing organization.

Albert & Anne Spring$100

Thank you Rabbi Tobin and JNF

Barry Horowitz$500
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