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Ahava Tzedakah Project”- Help JNF-USA Green the Desert in Honor of Tu'beshvat!

Liana Konhauzer

Liana Konhauzer

Located deep in the Southern Negev desert, along the Jordanian border Central Arava is Israel southern-eastern frontier. This farming community exemplify the triumph of Human spirit over challenges in their amazing achievement of making the desert bloom.
With less than 5 inch of rain annually and temperatures like the Mohabi desert, the Arava farmers are producing more than 60% of Israel's fresh vegetable export, as well as supporting Israel's food independence and food security. It is the Central Arava Regional Council mission to keep fulfilling David Ben Gurion's vision of populating the Negev, providing opportunities to the local residents as well as young families to make the Arava their home. This Unique community is living in light of Israel's pioneers values, bringing life and color to a once desolated desert.


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