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Bringing the Great American Pastime to Israel

Since 1994 Bet Shemesh Baseball has been an active city for the Israel Association of Baseball. Bet Shemesh is home to one of the largest anglo olim populations. Of which baseball is an integral part of the aliya experience for over 120 kids.
 The majority of the players are made up of new citizens (ie olim) that immigrated from America & Canada.  Being able to play on a familiar field provides an important feeling of familiarity for them. We are proud to provide this unique experience for them in Israel. Bet Shemesh baseball thrives because of these citizens. Equally important, we turn no child away due to their family’s inability to pay.
A unique opportunity to support America Olim by providing youth baseball in Bet Shemesh.
JNF Project Baseball is working to help build a Baseball Facility in Beit Shemesh, which will be known as the Bet Shemesh Sports Complex. They are ensuring the best possible conditions for play at all times. Nearly 3 years ago, (2016) the city of Beit Shemesh provided the Israel Association of Baseball with the land for a baseball sports complex.  Construction of the Bet Shemesh baseball field was inaugurated with a JNF ceremony that included celebrity guests, as well as Jewish MLB baseball players.  The complex which will include a regulation-size baseball field for adult play and two smaller fields for youth baseball, batting cages, dugouts, lights, and spectator stands. In September 2020, construction finally began.
This field offers Israel the opportunity to host international competitions such as European Championships and World Baseball Classic Qualifiers.
"We have begun to build a field and complex in Beit Shemesh, thanks to the help of our partners JNF-USA, (Project Baseball) which will become Israel’s national baseball stadium." (Jordy Alter)

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In honor of Mrs. Rushfield’s 5th Grade Class 2022. We love Team Israel Baseball!

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In honor of Jordy Alter for his hard work on behalf of the Bet Shemesh field.

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