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Benjamin Adelman's Dream Israel Fundraising Page

Ben Adelman

Ben Adelman

Hello world it's Ben.
I am working toward an amazing semester at Alexander Muss High School in Israel. It is a chance to go to Israel, tour everywhere, train with the IDF, make new friends and get college credit.
To help me get there I am participating in the Dream Israel Teen Initiative and raising funds for Israel’s special needs population. A cause that is special to me and my family. This summer I will be working at Camp True Friends a special needs camp to earn money toward my trip.
When you help me meet my fundraising goal of $5000, Jewish National Fund will give me a $7500 grant towards my fall semester at AMHSI to study history and explore my own connection to the land and people of Israel. Please consider supporting this important initiative and my efforts to meet my fundraising goal. Every bit helps. Thank you.


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Special Needs
Special Needs

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1. GAGoob Adelman
Not with out me you don't:)
2. BABenjamin J. Adelman
Thank you everybody. We did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. CVChristianna Vind
Have a wonderful time Ben:)
4. AAnonymous
5. JDJohn Deere
You are putt putting toward your goal.
6. BHBlaine Hudnall
Good luck.