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How It Works

Dream Israel helps American high school students like you take the Israel trip of their dreams. By fundraising for a Jewish National Fund project in Israel, you are eligible for up to $7,500 in grants on qualifying programs. Select your trip provider, pick your Jewish National Fund-USA project, meet your fundraising minimum and receive your grant. Learn more about fundraising requirements here.


Students participating in qualified teen programs spend at least 8 weeks in Israel, enjoy time with local Israelis, and are provided exceptional learning opportunities.


You can make a difference. Choose how you want to support the land and people of Israel: helping those with disabilities, supporting fire fighters, and more.


Ready to get started? Fill out our simple registration form to sign up for Dream Israel and start fundraising today.


Alexander Muss High School in Israel (AMHSI-JNF) is a pluralistic, college prep, international study abroad program that strengthens teens’ Jewish identity, teaching them 4,000 years of Jewish history while using the land of Israel as a classroom. Offering Semester, Mini-mester, and Summer sessions with opportunities to earn college credit, make new friends and memories, and have the experience of a lifetime.

URJ Heller High

With over 3,500 alumni since 1961, URJ Heller High is the most trusted high school in Israel program for meaningful Jewish learning and academic success. With Israel as our classroom, we build a dynamic learning environment where Jewish living and learning comes to life. Our students enjoy life on beautiful Kibbutz Tzuba, build lifelong friendships, and experience all that Israel has to offer.

Ramah TRY

Tichon Ramah Yerushalayim (TRY) is a high-level academic curriculum of General Studies classes along with a superior course of Israel Studies, Jewish Studies, and Hebrew. Students live in dormitories with dozens of other teens, developing lifelong connections with like-minded peers from all across North America. TRY is designed to provide students with a stimulating cross-cultural experience while focusing on their personal and Jewish development.

USY High

USY High is an international co-ed secondary school in Israel offering students a high-level academic curriculum of General Studies along with a superior course of Israel Studies, Jewish Studies, and Hebrew. Under the educational auspices of Tichon Ramah Yerushalayim (TRY), USY High is open to 10th-12th grade students and offers an incredible journey of self-awareness vital to any high school students.

Disabilities and Special Needs

Make Israel accessible to all. The inclusion of people with disabilities and special needs into Israeli society is a fundamental Jewish value. Fundraise for projects that integrate special needs individuals into the Israeli army (IDF), support adults with the most severe developmental disabilities throughout their lifespan to live independently and receive support services, provide therapeutic horseback riding to children and adults with disabilities, and, make parks and nature accessible to people with physical and visual impairments, children on the autism spectrum and those using wheelchairs.

Sderot Indoor Recreation Center

Families living on Israel's border with the Gaza Strip have under fire for more than ten years. Never knowing when the next rocket attack will occur, they must always be within 15 seconds of a bomb shelter. The Jewish National Fund Indoor Recreation Center has brought a sense of normalcy to children in the region – outfitted with a rock- climbing wall, soccer field, computer labs, dance studio and more, it has been retrofitted with 300 tons of steel so children can be safe in play areas that double as bomb shelters!

Project Baseball

Help bring baseball to Israel by raising funds to build neighborhood baseball and softball fields, purchase equipment and provide coaching to Israeli kids! In addition to bringing something familiar to children who have made Aliyah, it fosters teamwork, good sportsmanship and confidence. Best of all, building neighborhood teams brings community members together and the opportunity to make new friends!

Fire and Rescue Services

From terrorist attacks to fires and accidents, first responders are better prepared to save lives when they are properly equipped. In partnership with the Israeli Fire Commissioners Office, JNF supplies underfunded fire departments across Israel with urgently needed equipment and firetrucks. 

Environmental Projects

Raise money for environmental studies programs at premier centers in Israel: The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, Arava International Center for Agricultural Training (AICAT) and Center for Creative Ecology at Kibbutz Lotan. These programs are preparing future leaders from Israel, Palestine, Jordan, and around the world to cooperatively solve the regional and global challenges of our time. They study the latest cutting-edge agricultural techniques for farmers growing in arid climates including organic farming, permaculture, natural architecture, alternative energy, community and peace building strategies.

Ukrainian Refugee Aid

Jewish National Fund-USA is providing emergency relief and rescue aid programs for Ukrainian refugees through our affiliates in Israel. We are supporting the mobilizing of support to help Ukrainians whose lives have been upended during this unprovoked war. Ukraine is home to one of the world's largest Jewish communities and its historical and spiritual roots run deep. An estimated 200,000 Ukrainians qualify for Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return.


Once you know the project you would like to do and the trip you would like to take you can register and start fundraising immediately.

Before you register, please note the following:

  • At this time, Dream Israel is only being offered to students who are U.S. citizens.
  • Fundraising pages must be registered in the student’s name with the student’s email address.
  • In order to receive a grant, Dream Israel participants must complete their fundraising no later than 6 weeks prior to their Israel trip departure date. 
  • In the event that you decide to stop your fundraising efforts or are not accepted to the school of your choice, please note that the donations are typically non-refundable. If you decide to participate in Dream Israel, please know that the money you raise will go to an important cause and that all donations are considered tax-deductible.
Still have questions? Contact us at dreamisrael@jnf.org