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My Dream Israel: Teen Travel Initiative by JNF Fundraising Page

Dahlia Weller

Dahlia Weller

I am thrilled to announce my participation in the Dream Israel fundraiser.

Jewish National Fund is supporting Israel and Israelis in a number of different ways. I have chosen to raise money for the project that provides equipment and firetrucks to under-equipped first-responders in Israel. With all of the terrorism and horrors that bestow the country, the first-responders never fail to risk their lives to assist at the scene.
It is important that these first-responders have what they need to help save those who are injured in the attacks.

If I meet my personal fundraising goal, JNF will provide me with a grant towards my own Israel travel experience, ensuring my opportunity to meet Israelis whose lives have been changed due to our support and connect to the land, culture, and citizens in other ways.

Donations would mean so much to me and these heroes in Israel!!


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