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Kylee’s Dream Israel Fundraising Page

Kylee Sciara

Kylee Sciara

Dear friends and family,

I am planning to spend my 2022 spring semester in Israel at the Alexander Muss High School. This trip will be an opportunity to experience student life in Israel, tour the sites, make new friends and get college credits.

To help fund my trip, I am participating in the Dream Israel Teen Initiative and raising funds for Israelis with disabilities and special needs. Your tax deductible donation will not only help fund an important cause, it will also help me pay for tuition, room & board, transportation and other expenses. When you help me meet my fundraising goal of $5,000, the Jewish National Fund will contribute a financial match of $7,500. In other words, for every $100 raised towards this charity, the Jewish National Fund will provide me with $150 in grants for my school tuition and expenses.

Please consider supporting this important initiative and my efforts to meet my fundraising goal. Every bit helps. Thank you.

More about the Disabilities and Special Needs projects:
Make Israel accessible to all. The inclusion of people with disabilities and special needs into Israeli society is a fundamental Jewish value. Fundraise for projects that integrate special needs individuals into the Israeli army (IDF), support adults with the most severe developmental disabilities throughout their lifespan to live independently and receive support services, provide therapeutic horseback riding to children and adults with disabilities, and, make parks and nature accessible to people with physical and visual impairments, children on the autism spectrum and those using wheelchairs.


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