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My Dream Israel: Teen Travel Initiative by JNF Fundraising Page

Maya Barlev

Maya Barlev

Hello! My name is Maya Barlev and I am a junior in high school. I am currently in the prosses of securing a spot in the spring semester of AMHSI. I have always had a strong connection to Israel but through this program, I hope to deepen it. I am working with My Dream Israel: Teen Travel Initiative by JNF to help me fund the semester in Israel.

Jewish National Fund (JNF) is supporting Israel and Israelis in a number of different ways. The money that participating teens are raising will go towards funding several important initiatives: Inclusion for Israel’s special needs population, support for the Sderot Indoor Recreation Center, Israel’s Fire and Rescue Services, Environmental Studies scholarships for students at the Arava Institute and AICAT, and for Project Baseball.

If I meet my fundraising goal, JNF will provide me with a grant for my own Israel travel experience. So if you wish, I would greatly appreciate it if you support this important initiative and my efforts to meet my fundraising goal.

All donations must be submitted by December 13, 2022.

Thank you!


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