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My Dream Israel: Teen Travel Initiative by JNF Fundraising Page

Molly Fishman

Molly Fishman

I am excited to be participating in the Dream Israel Teen Initiative and raising funds for an important project in Israel. Jewish National Fund is supporting Israel and Israelis in a number of different ways. The money that I am raising will go towards funding a project that is important to me: the Sderot Indoor Recreation Center. It is an indoor playground for children living on the border of Israel and Gaza and is also a bomb shelter. These children are not allowed to play outside because these locations do not meet the 15 second rule. Due to active firing of missiles and bombs, everyone must be within 15 seconds of a bomb shelter incase of an emergency. The Sderot Indoor Recreation Center allows children to enjoy a safe place to play while staying in a protected area.

Out of the many causes I had to choose from, the Sderot Indoor Recreating Center stood out to me and will be somewhere that I will be visiting on my trip so I can see how donations like yours have helped their community!

If I meet my fundraising goal, JNF will provide me with a grant towards my own Israel travel experience, the Alexander Muss High School in Israel; ensuring my opportunity to meet Israelis whose lives have been changed due to our support, and to explore my own connection to the land and people of Israel. Please consider supporting this important initiative and my efforts to meet my fundraising goal.

A video from Sderot Indoor Rec. Center showing how donations help them!


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