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My Dream Israel: Teen Travel Initiative by JNF Fundraising Page

Sitar Ben-Herut

Sitar Ben-Herut

I am excited to be participating in the Dream Israel Teen Initiative and raising funds for projects in Israel. Jewish National Fund is supporting Israel and Israelis in a number of different ways. The money that I am raising will go towards funding an important initiative: Inclusion for Israel’s special needs population.

If I meet my fundraising goal, JNF will provide me with a grant towards my own Israel travel experience, ensuring my opportunity to meet Israelis whose lives have been changed due to our support, and to explore my own connection to the land and people of Israel. Please consider supporting this important initiative and my efforts to meet my fundraising goal.


raised of $5,000 goal

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Special Needs
Special Needs

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1. ACAndrea And Jerry Cohen
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Hi: This should get you there. Chazzan
3. EMElana Margolis
way to go!
4. ILIlana Ladetzky
Good Luck !
5. SHSue Huntting
6. RKRabbi Samantha Kahn
So excited for you to experience HSI!!