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JNF-USA Honors Karen Kaufman Senft, Jeff Kaufman, Mark Kaufman, and Richard Kaufman (z’l) with the Donation to Israel of Fire and Rescue Equipment.

Beth Gluck

Beth Gluck


Jewish National Fund-USA will honor Karen, Jeff, Mark, and Richard (of blessed memory) Kaufman at its 2024 Signature Event. The 20th Annual Gladys and Jack Hirsch Breakfast for Dinner will be held on Sunday, February 25, 2024, at 5:30 pm registration and socializing, and 6:30 pm dinner and program. The Breakfast for Dinner is an Atlanta tradition for the pro-Israel community. It is a place to learn, celebrate, and socialize. The Atlanta Board of Directors will recognize the Kaufmans as they embody the best of what Jewish National Fund-USA offers to the land and people of Israel. Each sibling has a place in supporting Israel that they call “their own”. For Richard and Mark, it was/ is community building, for Karen it is supporting education, and for Jeff, it is the preservation of historic sites throughout the country.

This “Friends and Family Donation Page” enables us to celebrate the Kaufmans by contributing toward one specific and tangible “gift” to the people of Israel. The country greatly needs fire emergency and first-response equipment. These tools are funded by JNF, the fund-raising arm of the fire departments across Israel. Our goal is to raise $50,000+ as a group to purchase fire wagon(s) which are a critical asset to those on the front lines. Wagons reach deeper into fields and into narrower spots than can trucks. They simultaneously harness greater extinguishing power. The wagons move extremely quickly, a vital component of stopping fires that are typically ignited by missiles and arson.

The “Family and Friends Donation Page” enables us to contribute together to make a tangible difference. If you prefer to contribute through your Donor Advised Fund or prefer that your annual 2024 contribution to Jewish National Fund-USA in honor of the Kaufmans be designated elsewhere, please contact Beth Gluck at or 404-236-8990 xt 851. The siblings will receive a list of the names of those who contributed. The list will be categorized by giving levels (Silver - $360-$720, Gold - $721-$1000, Platinum - $1,000+, Other).

Thank you for celebrating a wonderful family that will surely continue as passionate contributors to Israel for many years to come.

Joanne Birnbrey, Honorees’ Chair
Robin Feldman, Event Chair
Mark Kopkin, Atlanta JNF-USA President


raised of $50,000 goal

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Team Friends and Family Honor the Kaufman Family