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The courageous men and women who fight fires in Israel day in and day out are the unsung heroes of Israel. They are the first responders to many emergencies, including bombings, rocket attacks, car accidents, forest fires, natural disasters, and hazardous materials fires. Over the years, Jewish National Fund has been a primary partner to the Israel Fire and Rescue Authority, outfitting Israel’s fire fighters with state-of-the-art equipment, vehicles, and facilities. Now, we are building on the commitment to keep the land and people of Israel safe by enhancing and rebuilding Israel’s Volunteer Fire Fighter program.

Volunteer Fire Fighter Program
The Volunteer Fire Fighter program consists of a corps of volunteers who will be the first line of defense particularly in the remote communities of Northern and Southern Israel. These communities are often hard for Israel Fire & Rescue Services to reach in times of emergency. Currently, 2,000 professional fire fighters protect the population of 7.5 million, which is hardly sufficient to properly save lives during peacetime, and nearly impossible in times of emergency. The 3,500 volunteer fire fighters (both adults and youth) play the critical role of first responders, providing initial relief and essential rescue services until professionals reach the scene.





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In memory of Prof. R. Mehr who contributed so much in his lifetime

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Siegfried Adler$360

In memory of Fedor (Ephraim) Adler - former fire fighter in Tel-Aviv.

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In memory of Fedor (Ephraim) Adler - former fire fighter in Tel Aviv.


Thank you for the incredible work that you do. From your friends in NYC.

Jewish National Fund meets the challenge of outfitting Israel’s firefighters with the state-of-the-art equipment, vehicles, and facilities they need to continue performing their job of protecting Israel’s citizens. In partnership with the Israeli Fire Commissioners Office, JNF has supplied underfunded fire departments across Israel with urgently needed equipment and fire trucks. This support proves vital during times of calm and in times of conflict, when firefighters are called upon to respond to routine emergencies as well as rocket and terror attacks. Over the years, JNF donors continue to purchase fire trucks (over 150 to date), build fire stations, and fund the purchase of life-saving equipment and protective gear.
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