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Fire Rescue Birthday MATCH

Adam Slotnick

Adam Slotnick

Fire Rescue Birthday MATCH
(Extended for rocket attacks in Israel)

I will match the first $18 of all your donations! The number 18 signifies the Hebrew word for life. It is a very meaningful number for my birthday and often Jews make donations in this amount.

I often recall a story I read in the Jerusalem Post many years ago about a firetruck that left its station on its daily run in the Negev desert but had to dump all of its water on the return to its station because it did not have enough horsepower to make the ascent from a lower elevation.

Israel’s fire and rescue services have received much less attention than the ambulance services received about 20 years ago. In addition to ‘routine’ daily hazards, Israel’s firefighters have to contend with kite bombs and rocket attacks in Sderot, Halutza and neighboring communities. (The picture above is of an Israeli nature reserve set ablaze by kites from Gaza carrying incendiary devices in the newest form of terrorism.)

My goal is to raise money to equip volunteer firefighters in Israel. I am a member of Jewish National Fund’s Fire & Rescue Task Force. We work together with our affiliate in Israel to protect all the people and land of Israel from the dangers of fire with the purchase of gear, trucks and stations for Israel’s growing volunteer firefighter network.

Please help me support JNF by making a contribution to Israel’s volunteer firefighters. Every dollar raised will benefit the people and land of Israel! Additionally, if you would like to become involved with JNF in any way, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Together, we can make a difference!


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